Incorporating decorative concrete is one of the easiest and best ways to improve and spice up your outdoor areas and make them more beautiful when the springtime comes. Decorative concrete does not only look unique and beautiful, but it can also add curb appeal, boost your home value, and helps make maintaining your yard a lot simple. Sounds better right? The ideal concrete feature could make you look forward to spending more time outside of your house, especially during spring! There are almost unlimited ways you can add concrete Asheville into your outdoor spaces. Below are some of the well-loved projects and ideas you can use: 


Incorporate a backyard stamped concrete patio 

A concrete patio with only some parts of outdoor furniture can entirely change your yard from a basic and simple one to an area where you would want to spend your time during summer and spring evenings. They can help increase your home value as well, which is a win-win situation for you if you’re planning to put your home on sale in the future.  

Though any concrete patio has the ability to improve your yard, the designs of stamped concrete can definitely provide a totally distinct look. This material offers immediate texture and class to just nearly any project concerning outdoor areas. Actually, due to its versatility, the designs you can make with stamped concrete are almost unlimited. You can transform a stamped concrete similar to a flagstone, tile, brick, or just nearly any other kind of texture, color, or material you prefer to have at a lower price. 

Construct a concrete fire pit 

One of the well-loved home renovating projects for outdoor spaces is a fire pit. And it’s the most popular for a reason. Fire pits don’t just offer a great area for you where you can spend your evenings and add light and coziness to your yard, but they could certainly increase your home value as well.  

Add LED lighting on the steps of your outdoor concrete 

Installing LEED lighting into your outdoor steps won’t just add a hint of elegance, but they can make your stairs way safer as well. This can also be applied when you have a set of outdoor stairs with no railing or twisting or long entryway stairs. 

Installing a retaining wall in your front yard 

If you have a sloped yard, a concrete retaining wall will look great. Moreover, it can offer easy-to-maintain and fresh landscaping selections and for your outdoor area. Retaining walls are intended to stabilize and constrain the soil behind them, creating a barrier between the street or sidewalk and your entryway and stops soil and mud from sliding and loosening in the rain. What’s great is that retaining walls could be made out of different kinds of concrete. You can opt for a textured and unique design with stamped concrete or you can keep things smooth and simple with a sand-finished retaining wall. Contact us for more info about concrete!